Une race étrange: le disquaire

Lecture très divertissante sur le forum SteveHoffman.tv:

Any funny stories about the *worst* record store you’ve been to?

Cette place, Flower Records à Tokyo, est un vrai poème:

I’ve mentioned this place before, but one experience that I thought would suck, but which was actually pretty awesome, was Flower Records in Nakano, Tokyo. Place is a SPECTACULAR train wreck, as per the photo below. There was so much stuff in there the guy had things in plastic bags tacked to the ceiling. You had to walk all the way to the back and turn to the right to even see if there was anyone in there.

It goes without saying there was no order whatsoever, and all the records were stacked up not in bins. But the guy had a Rain Man memory, and knew precisely what he had, where it was, and what record it would be UNDER if you went through the stack. It was one of those “find it and I’ll tell you how much” places, but I didn’t get gouged (although I bought stuff that was going to be expensive as hell regardless.)

The website reflects the atmosphere.


Flower Records



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